BLACHPROFIL 2® presents modular tin roofing tiles with Z-ribs. Zet® modular tin roofing tile is a product with a number of innovative solutions. This ensures much easier installation and unique visual effect of our product.




A few years ago, as the first company in Poland, we put at Your disposal a new E-PROFILE customer service system. Till now, due to the comfort, functionality and the economy of time, the most of you regularly take advantage of this solution.   

Today, according to your expectations, we would like to present a new version of the E-PROFILE system (a new orders presentation, rebuilt clearings module, more intuitive look and revised errors and notes),

The platform is available also on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.). The new application fully uses the features of mobile phones and mobile systems. It has the same functionality of the standard version, it is also available for two most popular operating systems. Thanks to the mobile application you can place an order, make a quotation directly at the client, check an order status and a delivery date, etc. All You need is an Internet access. 


To learn more about the application and download it, please click one of the following links:

E-PROFIL for desktop                                                              E-PROFIL mobile 

Please note, that the E-PROFILE system allows e.g. to place an order, its continuous check and to make payments as well as quotations, moreover, the majority of bargain offers are available only through the application. 

The client without access to the system should contact the regional sales representative.

We will appreciate your feedback on the new application.    



It has a classic roof profile with dense ribbing and a de-watering groove, characterised by very high stiffness. The sheet may also be manufactured in the façade version.

About Us

A roof crowns the work” – this motto has been our motivation for many years. We have been faithful to it, putting it into practice with responsibility, commitment and bearing in mind the significance of its meaning.

The goal of all our activities is to satisfy all the needs of the client, which is greatly backed by our chief assets:

- High quality of products

- Good prices

- Written warranties

- Prompt deliveries – efficient customer service and good communication

- Monitoring of purchase orders

- Field sales representatives

- Wide range of supplementary accessories

- Software to estimate the costs of roof slopes

In order to provide the highest quality, we import the charge material from reputed domestic and foreign steelworks. The care we take to provide the highest quality is manifested in ITB certificates and long-term warranties for our products.


The implementation of the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System is the guarantor of the afore-mentioned standards. This certificate proves the conformity between the principles of our quality policy and the strict requirements of the International Organisation for Standardisation. Being able to satisfy the requirements of the mentioned standard, we are simultaneously obliged to continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system.


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